Kanda ramen Waizu(Kanda)

Walking from Kanada station for 2 minutes.
I visited passing 19 o’clock on Thursday.


The store has many visitors because there are a busy street. It has the only counter but it has a lot of the capacity of processing  because the replacement is very quick.I’m interested in the ramen of Yokohama standed under the metropolitan area.



Soup:The strong soup of seafood and pork and soy source using many pork bones and chiken bones and kelp.

Noodles:The middle wavy noodles with high moisture rate
Toppings:Rasted pork,Spinach,Green onion,Dried seaseed

The oder is possible choice of the amount of fat the hardness of noodle and the strong of soup taste.I orderd standard type because I think  the made in Yokohama has high solty and strong taste The noodle is little thick but the ramen came very quick.The rosted pork has chewy and full of flavor.The ramen is standerd size but it has a lot of spinach but. This ramen is the best collaboration of Tokyo and Yokohama.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:Ookuma buikding 1F,Uchikannda,chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:10:30-24:00,Sat 10:30-22:30,Holiday 10:30-21:30

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