MoukoTannen Nakamoto(Okachimachi)

Walking from Okachimachi station for 2 minutes.
I visited berore 18 o’clock on Mon.


There is always such a long line at this store.But I fortunately could go in when I visited.The line has 7 people in the store.But I waited for only about 10 minutes,because this store has many seats.


Hokkyoku ramen※LINE coupon:Boild egg

Soup:Needless to say,it is very extremely hot.There are the chili oil and the chili pepper on the mild miso soup
Noodles:The medium thickness straight chewy noodle
TOpping:Rasted pork,Boiled egg,Beans sprouts,garlic

There is a dog eat dog world.But I am getting used to eat little by little.I actually am paralyzed.The noodle absorb the taste of chili pepper and oil.But it has the flaver of flour too.The boiled egg and beans sprouts are changed the taste to refresh.My sweat glands is opend.And My tongue is paralyzed.But this sense of accomplishment is immeasurable when I ate up everything.If you don’t like hot,the recommendation is Mouko Tanmen.

Information ※Needs to comfirm
Address:Koukasita,Koukasita №2,5-10-14 Ueno,Taktou-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:11:00-24:00

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