Menan Chitose(Shinjuku)

Walking from Akebono station for 7 minutes.
I visited on Thu before 13 o’clock.


The outside of shop is humble but the inside is well-lighted and trendy.It has the counter and some tables.I could get the sheet easily because it finished lunch time.



Soup:The clear soup made by the soup stock of soy sause ane salt
Noodles:The thin straight noodle made by whole wheat flour
Toppings:Roasted pork,Bamboo shoots,Geern onion

The face of clear soup is coverd by oil.The taste is mainly soysauce.but it has sharp taste of salt too.Futher it has green onion flavor too,because the taste is the simple and delicate.Because it has the low moisture rate,the noodle has nice chewy.The roasted pork and the bamnoo shoots are thick.And they brings out the best in the ingredients used to make them.The taste of this ramen is refined.

Information ※Need to confirm
Opening hour:11:30-15:30

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