Menya Aishin TOKYO(Machiya)

Walking from Machiya station for 2 minutes.
I visited at 11 o’clock on Saturday.

The store is good location becausee there is very near by the station.It wasn’t crowded because it is rainy.But the costomers are coming continuously.The instore has a counter.The costomer service is very polite.



Soup:Mixed the shell of shrimp and Chinese seasoning
Noodles:The thin straight noodles
Toppings:Minced meat,Green onion

The strong taste of shrimp is insisted.The surface has the red chili oil and black japanese pepper oil.The hot of chili oil and full-bodied of japanese pepper are made the taste widly.The vinegar of kelp on the counter change the taste too.The noodles have the strong taste of flour.And the thin noodles are boiled for long time.I could eat the noodles immediately.The minced meat is cooked very polite.The extra risotto is provided after eating the noodles.The risotto is smoky because the rissot has cheese and is burned.The synegy of seriously chinese cuisine and the ramen are made the taste of shrimp the best ectraction.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:1F city haim machiya,7-39-3 arawkawa,arakawa-ku.Tokyo
Opening hour:11:00-15:00/17:00-22:30

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