Cyuukasoba Tagano(Ooi)

Walking from Ebaranakanobu station for 1 minutes.
I visited passing 11 o’clock on sunday.


When I arrived a line has 17 people.Then waiting 1 hour.When I am entering the store the long line had 20 people after me.We can buy the ticket before 30minute of opening. The Michelin aword was given 3 years in a row.The opening hour is only 3 hours a day.



Soup:The clear and refreshing soup by soup stock of small dried sadines
Noodle:The middle tickness angular straght noodle by whole wheat flour
Topping:Roasted pork,Bamboo shoots,Green onion,Dried seasweed

The soup with the smell of the sea is salty.But The animal fat over the surgface change the taste to mild.The noodle has the chewy and slippery.The roasted pork is back libs and ham.It is the simple ramen which extracted from the natural material as much as possible.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:2-15-10 nakanobu,shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:11:30-14:30

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