Ebisoba Maruha(Funabashi)

Walking from Funabashi station for 4 minutes.
I visited before 20:30 on thuesday .


The store recommended the taste of shrimp.The store open all the year until midnight.There are many bussinessmen’s guests in this store in the evening.


Rich shurimp ramen

Soup:Mixing shrimp flavor to soup stock of chicken with high viscosity.
Noodles:The flat and wavy noodles with high moisuture contracts.
Toppings:Roasted pork,Japanese mustard spinach,Onion,Green onion,Citron,Dried seaweed

The soup has very rich taste of shrimp flavor.Then the soup stock of chicken makes the taste to mild.The noodle is very chewy and slippery.The roasted pork has 2 types of cutting and flaking that is smoky by burning.The citron and the onion make the taste refreshing.The ramen make the taste to rich by very good balabce of soup of shrimp and chicken

Ingormation ※Need to confirm
Address:1-10-7 hontyou,funabashi-shi,chiba-ken
Opening hour:11:00-24:00
Closed:Open all yaer around