Cyuukasoba Tomita(Matsudo)

Walking from Matsudo station for 4 minutes.
I visited passing 10 o’clock on Sunday.


This store created the world of Japaese ramen.It is main store of “Tomita”group. The ticket start to be sold at 7 o’clock.We must make a resrervation the time htat I come to  visite.Then we must come back on the time.I visited before 1 hour opend.But the appoint was passing 15 o’clock.The instore has very solemn vibe.



Soup :The strong soy source soup made by soup stock of seafood and pork bone.
Noodles:The well-known middle thick straight noodle.
Toppings:Roasted pork,Naruto,Dried seasweed,Bamboo shoots,Green onion,Citron,Fish powder

Fortunately the ramen made by store orner Tomita in traditional instore.First I was surprised by the ice of water is round.The visual of ramen has classy because it is arrenged very politely.All of the concentration,viscocity and saltness is high. This is ‘the ramen’.But we can try to mix soup stock.Good job.I had eaten many ramen in another store of ‘Tomita’group.But this ramen is the best of ‘tomita’ group.It has the good teste of soup,the good elasticity of noodle and the good balance of toppings.I feel the best of ‘Tomita’ groop because is has classy mood too.The store is lead Japanese ramen borth in name and fact.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:Takahashi Building 1F,1339 Matsudo,Matsudo-city,chiba-prefecture
Opening hour:11:00 to Sold out

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