Oozeki Tyuukasoba(Ebisu)

Walking from Ebisu station for 2 minutes.
I visited at 15 o’clock on Saturday.


I thinked this store is crowded but it has no vister because the time is between lunch and dinner.Then the visiter came one after another.The instore has L-letter type counter.



Soup:The natural soup of soup stock of the chiken made in Kousyuu and the pork bone and potherbs.
Noodles:The thin straight noodle
Toppings:Roarsted pork,Tip of bamboo shoots,Japaneze mustard spinach,Green onion,Dried seasweed

The soup made by seafood of kelp and dried sardines is changed rich taste.The roasted pork is 2 kind of shoulder roast made by low tempreture heat and boiled chiken.The both are thick.The noodle has flour flavor.The ti of bamboo shoots are 3.The naruto is beautiful.The ramen isn’t indivisual but it is recherche. I will want to try another ramen next time.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:1-9-4 ebisu nishi,shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:7:00-9:00/11:00-22:00,Sat 11:00-22:00,Sun,Holiday 11:00〜14:00
Closed:Opening all aroud year

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