Walking from Kudanshita station for 3 minutes.
I visited at 19:30 on Wendesday.


The store fortunately had some empty seats. I get the seat easily.I can hear the music in the store.It has the adult moood and many regular customers.


Ramen shiro

Soup:The non-aminal salty soup stock made by seafood
Noodles:The thin straight noodle made by whole wheat flour(made by Miyakayaseimen)
Toppings:Roasted pork,Green onion,Japanese parsley

I ordesd Shiro ramen because the visual is clear and beautiful.The face of soup is very shiny by oil.The taste doesn’t have only solty and aharp but also the flavor of seafood.The taste is good too.The noodle has good chewy and the flavoe of flour.The roasted pork are shoulder of pork and breast of chicken.And there are voluminous.I tryied drink the soup many times because I was impressed the taste of soup.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:1-9-2 Kudanshitakita,Cyuuou-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:11:00-21:00,Sat11:00-15:00

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