Cyuukasoba Nikaidou(Iidabashi)

Walking from kudanshita station for 4 minutes.
I visited 19 o’clock on Friday.


The shop looks like bar,because we can drink alcohol at night.It has L-letter counter and fashionable moode.Almost costomers are couple.



Soup:The raw soy sauce is mixed to 2 kinds of soup.The one is animal soup stock such as chicken bone and pork bone.The another is the seafood soup stock such as kelp,bonito and dried small sardines.
Nooles:The middle thin straight noodle made by some kinds of jananese flour. Toppings:Roasted pork,Wonton,Bamboo shoots,Jananese parsley,Green onion

The clear and simple soup made by japanese soup stock.The taste is japanese noodle soup of animal type.The flat thin noodle has flour flavor and good chewy.The many wontons are full of ingredients. And these have ginger flavor and good chewy.The roasted pork is very soft and juicy because it made by raw temperature cooking.I want to know that this store always has some kinds of limeted menu.The ramen dose’t have bad flavor and it is cultivated and japanese standard type.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:2-3-7 Iidabashi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:11:30-15:00/18:00-21:00,Sat 11:30〜15:00

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