Ramen Tourou(Shinkoiwa)

Walking form North exit of Shinkoiwa station for 3 minutes.
I visited 10 minutes before opening store.


This store make big size ramen of vegetables toppings.And belong to “Ittou” group. This store is very popular same as “Ittou”.Fortunately I could get my seat.because I am 9th.The costomer sarvice is very kind.


Mini Ramen(More vegeetable,More onion)And Beef staak

Soup:The soup stock made by cartilage of pork and chiken is mixed the flavor of bonito flakes and mackerel flakes.
Noodles:The middle thick flat straight noodle
Toppings:Beef steak,Roasted pork,Bean sprout,cabbage,Onion

The ramen has a lot of bean sptout until the soup.The recommended menu is Beaf steek.That is cooked by solt and pepper.And medium rare. The taste of soup emulsifed is sweet and strong. The noodle don’t extend.Because it is cooked deliberately. The taste of soup is changed By onion.I am recommended when you are hungry.Because it is very big size.

Information ※Need to confirm
Address:Trast Shinkoiwa 101,Higashi Shinkoiwa 1-1-1,katsushika-ku,Tokyo
Opening hour:11:00-14:00/18:00-23:00

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